ChildFair State Young Leader Morgan describes the problems in mental health support for young people - and poses a solution

Only 45% of the young people interviewed in the ChildFair State Project felt that their mental health needs were met; a stark example of how our current healthcare system is failing young people every step of the way. Alongside the issues of lack of funding, staff shortages and disjointed care that the wider NHS faces, young people face even more obstacles to obtaining adequate care, particularly for their mental health. Many feel like they are burdens on the NHS, a worry that is only reinforced when they are forced to wait months or years for help. When young people eventually receive care, they often report not feeling listened to, having to repeat themselves and being rushed. 

Better prevention and support for health issues in the community is key to solving this problem facing young people and the NHS. The vision of a ‘community health hub’ would do just that. A central place in the community where all people can receive support for maintaining their wellbeing, both physical and mental, through healthy eating and exercise advice, support groups, counselling, and volunteering opportunities has the potential to vastly improve the health of our entire population. This would not only improve everyone’s quality of life, but would also reduce the strain on the NHS and other social services.


Morgan, 17

Watch Morgan introduce himself in this brief clip: