Shane Ryan has been with Working With Men since November 2007 when he joined as Deputy Director; he was then appointed Chief Executive in November 2009. Under his stewardship WWM have built a national reputation as a solution focused organisation offering evidence based approaches to community needs and issues particularly around conflict and transition, father’s development, masculinity and youth unemployment.

Having worked in variety of inner city areas tackling drug use and managing the UK’s first mobile health care facilities for the NHS until 1995, Shane moved to the voluntary sector and into various managerial appointments in charities as well as a Home Office secondment and projects taking him to the USA and Japan. Shane has over 25 years’ experience working with young people and through WWM is a frequent advisor and speaker on non-profit matters covering the entire range of his charities work nationally. In 2016 Shane was voted one of NESTA and the Observer newspapers “New Radicals”, one of only 50 chosen nationally as creative and inspiring people / organisations working to change Britain for the better in a shared tradition of compassion and verve, bloody-mindedness and practicality.