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Afruca - Safeguarding Children was established in May 2001 in the aftermath of the deaths of children like Jude Akapa, Victoria Climbie and Damilola Taylor in the UK. The organisation was set up as a platform for advocating for the welfare of African children. It became a Company Limited By Guarantee in October 2001 and a registered Charity in July 2002, with a Board of Trustees appointed to run the organisation.

AFRUCA has gained recognition for its role in speaking out on key issues affecting African children in the UK. One of the reasons for this could be because AFRUCA’s initial activities were targeted at policy-makers and service providers – to work with them in developing a better understanding and knowledge of the needs and priorities of African children in the country. AFRUCA also made an impact because of the leadership role it has played in addressing issues affecting children within the African community in the UK. In particular, AFRUCA has been at the forefront of efforts to denounce the trafficking of African children to the country as well as highlighting the issue of the branding of children as witches or as possessed by evil spirits. It has drawn attention to both phenomena through organising activities, and engaging at different levels with policy-makers, other NGOs and within the African community.

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