Children England welcomes everyone working with and for children in England.

As an individual working in any type of organisation or by yourself, you can become a supporter for free. You'll receive our weekly newsletter and opportunities to support campaigns, attend events and contribute to discussions.


As a charity working with children or families, you can join our formal, democratic membership structure with benefits to all staff and volunteers in the organisation. You'll have access to member-only resources and events, and the right to participate in our strategic direction. 


Organisational membership fees 2021

Your annual income*  12 month fee
Below £100,000 £25
£100,000 - £250,000  £55
£250,000 – £1 million £110
£1 million – £2 million  £300
£2 million – £5 million  £550
£5 million - £10 million  £1,250
£10 million - £20 million £2,500
Over £20 million £3,750

*Fees are based only upon the income that organisations receive to work with children, families and young people in each year, e.g. if your organisation spends 15% of your overall income on work with children, young people and families and 85% on older people, your fees would only be calculated on the 15%.