Through the Engage London programme, we hear of the risk London’s children and young people face, failing to meet increasingly high thresholds for support. The voluntary and community sector faces challenges managing these safeguarding risks in the face of increased levels of demand and the complexity of cases, all in the context of austerity and policy change.

In Beneath the Threshold we aim to explore the impact austerity and policy change is having on these changing thresholds for support, and higher risk referrals experienced by young people. What is happening to the voluntary sector in terms of safeguarding? What are the implications of passing on, and displacing risk out to the sector? Are more children and young people at risk with inadequate levels of safeguarding support?

We're currently running a survey which will contribute to final research in autumn, alongside focus groups and case studies we’ll be conducting. Any information provided will be kept confidential.

Beneath The Threshold builds on the work undertaken by Children England’s Perfect Storms, and also Partnership for Young London’s Commissioning Snapshot: Reviewing commissioning of youth services across London, for which results will be published very soon.

We hope to be able to extend the reach of the Beneath the Threshold work to England's other regions and are currently seeking funding to do so.