by Eleanor Lockhart

On Wednesday the 12th October 2016 I attended a children’s campaigning event at Resource London called 4in10. It was a very interesting and useful morning as I got to here information and statistics on children growing up today in the UK. The title for the campaign was called ‘Tackling Children’s Health inequalities’.

4in10 Event introductionAs you can see in that photo we have the title of subject and Hannah who was our first speaker speaking on health inequalities. Not being to anything like this before it was a learning curve to hear all the information about today’s society and the struggle for the young generation growing up into a world of pollution and terrible eating facilities with easy access and housing and benefits as Hannah and our second speaker Jabeer both spoke about and both gave statistics on.

 We had another speaker called Dr Jeanelle Gruchey who spoke about teenagers and sexual relationships and how contraception has easy access as well. She spoke about the percentage of teenage pregnancy and decreased but as teenage pregnancy has decreased I had a conversation on how stds are rising. Being

 myself part of a generation where I know about this stuff first hand in terms of contraception and easy access and it interesting to hear the troubles about this because sexual health is a really important aspect.

 We also had another speaker called Paul Hocker. He spoke about young children aged 4-5 being able to have the freedom and access to being young in today’s society, he works for a campaign who provide play areas for children in street roads where they would block the road of for maximum 3 hours and allow young children and their parents to come and play on the equipment that was there and for the parents to socialize with other adults as well. I found this matter particularly interesting as it is a good idea for young children to be exposed and free to street roads as over 100 years ago they used to be like this.

 After a while people would get into a group and discuss points about what they had heard so far:

Group Discussions

  • This gave them a chance to hear what everyone’s views and opinions are.
  • They also come up with 3 important priority’s they think are necessary and gave feedback.

Overall I really enjoyed the event and learnt a lot of information from it. It is a good way for people to see what is really going on in the world today... and that changes need to be made.