“Tell it like it is”

Wise women’s words and new resolutionsRead more

Remake the welfare state for children

Kathy's pre-budget article for CYP NowRead more

How can a crisis so big still be so quiet?

Kathy responds to Quiet Crisis, the Lloyds Bank Foundation report on local authority spending on disadvantageRead more

Lessons for commissioners from Carillion

Kathy Evans reflects on what commissioners can learn from the collapse of CarillionRead more

Facing our future means rediscovering some home truths together – will you join us?

Kathy launches the ChildFair State Inquiry with a call for contributionsRead more

One Welsh Woman and the Welfare State

Kathy's obituary for her mother, Elizabeth EvansRead more

Apocalypse NAO!

National system failure calls for national reforms, not nationwide funding withdrawal. By Kathy Evans, CEO Children EnglandRead more

The Management Delusion

The worsening funding crisis for children cannot be ‘managed’ away.Read more

Public Service Markets Aren’t Working for the Public Good… or as markets

Chapter 2 of Kittens Are Evil: Little Heresies in Public PolicyRead more

We must argue for a children in need funding formula

It is still hard to assess the significance of the general election outcome for children and young people.Read more

Public sector ‘market’ failures undermine children’s services reforms

Salutary tales from public service markets have been escalating in number and seriousness latelyRead more

Amid the noise about child abuse scandals, some silences are deafening

Kathy Evans on society's treatment of teenagersRead more

We don't need to redefine child poverty, we need to redefine 'economic recovery'

Published in response to government plans to scrap child poverty targetsRead more

We need grants for good

The ‘respond, adapt, learn and lobby’ cycle is something we can’t afford to loseRead more

Ain't Misbehaving

Five paradigms of childhood behaviourRead more

Why declare interdependence?

Children England and the TUC have published the Declaration of Interdependence. Our Chief Executive Kathy Evans explains why we developed this document and what we want to achieve.Read more

The rule of law is no rule at all if it changes on demand

The Children and Social Work Bill is becoming the focal point for important sector debates about whether statutory duties are an impediment to innovation in children’s services. So it feels timely to examine the nature of statutory duties and the Government’s approach to them.Read more

Value Beyond Money

The voluntary sector over the next decadeRead more