My name is Keisha Emanuel

I joined 4in10 in November 2019. We operate as a network, connecting with our members to learn from lived experiences of poverty to affect change.

I work as the Research and Learning Officer looking into different aspects of child poverty in London, and exploring how we can better support London’s families.

I am passionate about empowerment and amplifying the voices of marginalised communities who are affected by poverty and seeing opportunities within policy agendas for these voices to be heard by key decision makers. Previously I have worked as a front line practitioner within early intervention, youth justice and educational sector providing support to vulnerable families. I have seen the effect that austerity has had on families living in various parts of London and am driven to affect change in this area from a policy perspective. I love working with people: relationship-building will be pivotal to my role as I build connections with devoted workers who are just as committed to eradicating child poverty.