The ‘Governing for Children’ booklet was first published in 2008 in recognition of the essential role governance has in charitable organisations.
It was funded by the Governance Hub Small Grants Scheme, which aimed to bring about significant improvement in the quality of
governance within the voluntary and community sector (VCS).

Since 2008 the environment in which the VCS is working has changed considerably and this is having a major impact on small, medium and large organisations delivering front line services to children, young people and their families. This includes a reduction in direction from central government and a move towards less red tape.However, paradoxically this therefore means more responsibility for trustees to get it right as commissioning and quality assurance have emerged as key mechanisms by which government at all levels organises services.

This second edition of ‘Governing For Children’ has been produced with the support of the Department for Education’s Strategic Partner Programme to assist trustees in meeting these new challenges arising from the increasingly complex funding environment through which they need to steer their organisations. It also includes the most up to date guidance on safeguarding responsibilities and risk assessment.

It aims to give a simple, but comprehensive overview, providing an accessible introduction that trustees and managers can build upon as their governance evolves over time. 

Download Governing for Children.