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Hope supports children and young people aged 5-25 when someone they love has a serious or terminal illness. We provide support from the moment of diagnosis and we continue to provide support for as long as it is needed, through prognosis changes, remissions, and bereavement. At Hope a loved one is anyone who has played a significant part in a child's life, which might not be a relative, it could be a family friend, a neighbor, or even a teacher. We provide support via one-to-one sessions, group sessions, and even peer-to-peer support, bringing together young people with a shared experience.
We are a charity for young people, of young people. We have a youth management team which consists of young people who have used our service and want to give something back. They are dedicated to helping others going through a family health crisis and feed directly into the senior management team and the board of trustees to ensure that Hope Support remains relevant to the young people we are here to help.
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