We have elections coming up at the end of the Summer for new Trustee positions on our board, and only member CEOs can stand for election and vote on those who step forward. We're very proud of our democratic governance, and really committed to ensuring that the Board reflects not only the breadth of scale and geographical spread among our members, but a rich diversity of service areas, skills and specialisms. So not only would you be joining at a great point to get a say in how we're governed, but if you'd be interested to be involved in steering our path and voice as an organisation, you may want to stand too!

But don't take our word for it! Here are reflections from three of our current member CEOs and Trustees:

David Holmes CBE, Children England Chair and CEO Family Action
"I value Children England for many reasons but for me its most important contribution is its unfailing ability to tell it as it is.   In a context where so many service providers are grappling with the cumulative impact of austerity on children and families, where budgets for key services are still being cut, and where it can be so difficult to get upstream and support children and families before crisis hits, Children England has its ear to the ground, reflects our reality and speaks our truth. When it questions the value of creating markets in services for vulnerable people, when it highlights and seeks to change trends and patterns in spending on children’s services and when it exposes practice that is anything but child-centred, Children England speaks without fear or favour and that is its strength.

It is a small organisation but is has the voice of a giant."    

Norman Goodwin - CEO Adoption Matters
"Children England is a great organisation to be part of. It gives a wide perspective on the Children’s Social Care agenda and sets a context to work in when your individual focus can often be much narrower.  Meeting together with like-minded colleagues either regionally or nationally has been something I have valued throughout my career.

I have been privileged to serve on the Trustee Board twice (with quite a long gap in between). I would recommend serving on an external Board to any CEO specifically a new CEO.  You gain an external perspective that can be a fantastic learning opportunity and can develop your skills in many areas and often the learning can be put into operation in your own workplace.  

I learned a lot from some great people who were interested in me and my agencies work, and now I hope, I can reciprocate that by passing on what I’ve learnt to others."

Mark Lee, CEO Together Trust
"Over the last 30 years of my career I have always recognised Children England’s commitment to collaboration, their membership focus and their ability to join cross-sector organisations together under a shared cause – that of a better society for England’s children. Children England’s knowledge, integrity and resources mean that they are respected as a voice of authority and influence .

In the last 5 years I have had the privilege of being a trustee on the Children England Board. You get many things out of being a Trustee personally and for your organisation. For myself, I believe passionately about the causes Children England champion, it feels very rewarding to make a small contribution to the teams plans, efforts and impact. As an organisation, we are able to share our views, and the experiences of the people we support, helping Children England to influence national policy and legislation. 

Historically Children England has always been needed, sadly the need for powerful, committed voices on behalf of children feels ever more necessary."​


- Download the trustee role description

- Download the nomination form

The deadline for submission of all nominations is 5pm, Tuesday 10th September 2019. Please send it by post to Children England (address below), or by email to Lisa Byrne.