In light of the sudden and rapidly changing situation for charities delivering children's services during the outbreak of COVID-19 or coronavirus, Children England asked our members to share their current experiences and concerns.

The briefing below is a snapshot of the main issues on Friday 20th March 2020. 

We've focussed mainly on the organisational issues for children's charities, as work is going on collaboratively to communicate the needs of the voluntary sector more generally (see NCVO's website for the campaign for a package of support from government) and the profound issues for the safeguarding of children whose safety and wellbeing relies on stretched and potentially curtailed public services and servants. 

Download the briefing here

Children England welcomes insights from any of our members or others working with children and families to build the picture further and keep it up to date with the developing context. We are also happy to provide more detail and connections to individual member organisations for government officials who would like to understand the situation for children's charities fully.