There are 37,400 parents aged 25 and under in London, 8% of the total number in England1. London has a smaller number of young parents compared to other regions in England but those that are living here are struggling more. More young parents in London live in poverty and social exclusion than their peers anywhere else in the country2. They are struggling more financially, fewer go to university or are in skilled work, and more report experiencing social isolation and poor mental health than their peers without children. All of these factors impact the lives and outcomes of young parents and their families.

The reasons for this are complex. Previous research has identified the impact of these issues on young people and families as distinct groups and also on mothers aged under 19, but less attention has been given to parents aged 20 to 25.

This research sets out to address this gap in the knowledge and to understand the experiences of parents in London aged 25 and under, specifically focusing on the challenges and opportunities London’s young parents face entering the workplace and maintaining employment.

We found that, whilst being a parent under 25 does not mean a young person and their family will inevitably live in poverty or experience financial precariousness, young parents are facing multiple complex and intersecting challenges particular to their age, location and circumstance. These challenges may impact their financial stability and security, and we shall explore these and how they can be overcome in greater detail throughout this report.

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