The Management Delusion

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Public Service Markets Aren’t Working for the Public Good… or as markets

Chapter 2 of Kittens Are Evil: Little Heresies in Public PolicyRead more

Generation Automation

How technology is threatening to reshape the economy and what this might mean for employment opportunities for young people in the futureRead more

Looking for trouble … and finding it everywhere

Stephen Crossley, Senior Lecturer in Social Policy at Northumbria University, challenges the assumptions of the Troubled Families ProgrammeRead more

Maslow will be spinning in his grave

The housing crisis threatens everything we do in the children’s sector.Read more

We must argue for a children in need funding formula

It is still hard to assess the significance of the general election outcome for children and young people.Read more

The foundation for a new people-centric outlook

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Public sector ‘market’ failures undermine children’s services reforms

Salutary tales from public service markets have been escalating in number and seriousness latelyRead more

Roll up, Roll up: Why we all need to understand how student loans work

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Amid the noise about child abuse scandals, some silences are deafening

Kathy Evans on society's treatment of teenagersRead more

Bad legislation

An update on Children England's work on the 'exemption clauses' of the Children & Social Work BillRead more

The Mayor must help low income working families stay in Inner London

4in10’s new report highlights the voices of low income working families in inner London on the complex challenges they face.Read more

Does leadership matter?

Jabeer Butt, Deputy Chief Executive, Race Equality FoundationRead more

On Being a School Leader

Dr Mary Bousted, General Secretary, ATLRead more

Disruptive Leadership and the Class Ceiling

Georgia Rigg of RECLAIM in Manchester writes about young people, structural inequality and classRead more

We don't need to redefine child poverty, we need to redefine 'economic recovery'

Published in response to government plans to scrap child poverty targetsRead more

We need grants for good

The ‘respond, adapt, learn and lobby’ cycle is something we can’t afford to loseRead more

Let's come together to see where the challenge leads us

A response to Children in Charge from Andrew Rome, Revolution ConsultingRead more

How could the Care Bank ensure it wasn't just writing a 'blank cheque'?

A response to Children in Charge from Harvey Gallagher, CEO, Nationwide Association of Fostering ProvidersRead more