All donations to Children England will go to our ChildFair State Inquiry, in which children and young people are researching and re-imagining the welfare state with children at heart. 

At present we are raising funds to skill up our Young Leaders!

The Young Leaders' research, mostly conducted online during lockdown, produced a huge host of findings about children's experiences in education, health, housing and more. The Young Leaders spotted common themes such as a lack of communication between different services and professionals, systems that treat children as uniform products rather than individuals, and a failure to put children and young people's own voices at the heart of decisions. They now have many ideas for testing and campaigning for better approaches, built on compassion, interdependence and equity. We're delighted to be able to bring them together again after such a challenging time to start a new, practical phase of the ChildFair State initiative which you can read about here

Who are the Young Leaders, and why do they think the ChildFair State initiative is so important? Watch them here.

The first thing they want in order for this project to continue being truly youth-led is training in skills like:

  • Digital media
  • Campaigning
  • Pitching to funders
  • Facilitation
  • Presentation

Your donation will help us raise £5,000 to put on sessions with the experts our young people are keen to learn from. We'll stretch the funding as far as possible by calling on our amazing network of members who are keen to help where they can.

With support from donors like you, we will continue to help the Young Leaders develop their visions for change, and to create campaigns that engage other young people, professionals and decision-makers at all levels!