Hi readers,

I wish I could be writing to you all on a lighter note and expressing my weekly thoughts on the weather (although I definitely enjoyed the sun today!), but unfortunately, these are very uncertain times that we are living in. As the nation prepares to work from home, keeping productive and positive may become increasingly difficult. I believe social media can be great, but only if used effectively. Which is why bringing today’s edition of Make the Most of Monday was especially important, as I really wanted to bring some positivity and useful advice to your timelines 😊

So without further ado, here is a small burst of positive news to start your week as you mean to go on, making the most of Monday:

Something to smile at: Italy has been under lockdown due to the outbreak of Covid-19 (aka coronavirus). Daily life has ground to a halt and many staying indoors 24/7. But, in order to uplift spirits, some have taken to their balconies and windows to sing together, and remind themselves of community during this period of isolation. Take a look at this article which has two lovely videos attached, including this thread of cities throughout the country ‘celebrating the resilience of ordinary people’ (warning, Turin might make you want to dance too!) 

Something to do/share: This mum shared a list of things to do if she was self-isolating with children, requiring little to no money and many using what you might have at home already. The next time I see my niece, I am definitely doing no. 21!

Something to reflect on: The Upside by The Guardian is another regular source of positive news. Friday’s edition not only summarises the week’s positive news, including pieces unrelated to coronavirus, but also used the opportunity to suggest how to stay productive, calling it ‘an opportunity from this crisis’. After reading this, I’ve set out a plan myself. The hour in the morning that I would usually spend travelling, I will dedicate to learning Spanish. The hour in the evening, I’ll listen to a podcast and do some yoga/flexibility exercises. Let me know your ideas too! 

Some helpful pieces of advice: To aid your mental health while self-isolating/social distancing, the World Health Organisation have produced some valuable advice which has been summarised here. In addition, the NCVO has provided a guide for charities on responding to coronavirus.

That’s it from me, I hope you enjoyed this week’s edition of #makethemostofmonday. If you have anything to add, please drop me a line at [email protected] or tweet/DM. I do endeavour to keep producing this blog, but it may become increasingly difficult in the coming weeks (So please send any good news that comes your way!). In the meantime, I hope you have a lovely rest of your week, stay safe, and stay positive 😊