Children England responds to Children's Commissioner's report on increase in 'off-rolling' by schools

Children England is profoundly concerned by the evidence from the Children’s Commissioner that thousands of children are being denied their basic human rights by schools that are 'off-rolling' students. This constitutes a direct betrayal of the right of every child to receive a public education until they reach adulthood, and of families’ right to support so that their child can participate fully. The picture in today’s report is one of vulnerable children, and the parents trying their best to support and protect them, being effectively abandoned to educate and look after themselves.

Kathy Evans, chief executive, said:

“The purpose of education is to nurture every child’s development and to help them fulfil their distinct and self-determined potential. Our laws have long promised every child an education, without any exceptions or conditions, but policies that allow schools to pick out or push away pupils do exactly the opposite, with devastating impacts on children’s lives and futures. No school should be deemed successful if that success depends on excluding a child.

“That local authorities do not even know who these children are, and therefore cannot support their families to find the best education possible for their child, is a sign that school policy and accountability systems are failing in their most basic duties, and need urgent reform.”