The Young Leaders of the ChildFair State Inquiry are taking the project into a new phase.

After all their hard work through the pandemic to press on with their research into children's experience of the welfare state (which you can read about on the original ChildFair State Inquiry page) and to share their findings with several different audiences (read some of their blogs here) they're keen to develop their ideas into a real ChildFair state. 

We'll be updating you on their progress on this page. You can watch some of them introduce themselves and why they're involved in the ChildFair State initiative here.

Early planning: our first meeting In Real Life since the pandemic started

Rebecca Papa Shubz Young Leaders meeting November 2021

The Young Leaders met in Birmingham in November for the first time since the very start of 2020. It was emotional! Everyone had news to share, from completing courses at college to moving house to starting apprenticeships to strengthening relationships with family and friends. 

We reflected on experiences of the pandemic, including the feelings of anxiety and depression it had caused for many people. There were also many aspects of life in such a challenging time that the Young Leaders wanted to be able to keep as we come out of the crisis, such as:

  • Community members being more helpful to each other
  • More time for keeping up with the people close to you
  • Online learning, which can be more inclusive
  • Being able to say 'no' to things you don't want to do

The Young Leaders talked about the priorities that had come out of their research and analysis, and shared the ones that are most important to them to take forward with the project, including:

  • Safe streets and safe spaces for young people
  • Better support for young people in care including more resources for social workers
  • An education system and curriculum shaped around the individual child
  • Being heard in the workplace
  • Addressing racism and gender discrimination, especially in sports
  • State support should be a baseline that empowers people
  • Prevention rather than cure
  • Rights-based welfare, not conditionality
  • Services integrated into the community
  • Reduced NHS waiting times and patient-centred care
  • Equal access to housing especially for young people, and community-led control of housing
  • Human rights including regarding relationships and freedom from prejudice
  • Make the social security system fair to young people
  • Interdependence of all the branches of the welfare state
  • Compassion through listening and understanding
  • Influencing legislation
  • Children's and young people's voices in all things!

We discussed a great many ideas for testing and campaigning for these practices and approaches, at local and national levels, as well as how to involve more young people and make our work sustainable. We'll support the Young Leaders to refine and develop their plans for policy and practice. But in the meantime...

We're raising money to build their skills! 

The Young Leaders want to be able to engage new audiences, persuade decision-makers and create a nationwide community of young people who can shape the ChildFair State locally and nationally. We want them to be able to do this too - with as much power and agency as possible.

Can you contribute to our fund for Young Leader training? 

Young Leaders prioritise ChildFair State ideas November 2021

Help us raise £5,000 for training in skills like digital media, presentation, campaigning and facilitation. These are areas the Young Leaders have identified as useful to them in developing the ChildFair State in policy and practice. We'll make our budget stretch as far as possible by taking up offers of workshops and skill-sharing from our member network, and appreciate any gifts-in-kind from professionals who would like to help champion a stronger welfare state!


- Donate any amount you would like to contribute here.


Interested to find out why the Young Leaders feel the ChildFair State initiative is so important? Watch them talk about their motivations here.

For the story of how the ChildFair State project started, and links to the research process, findings and results, click through to the ChildFair State Inquiry page.