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Making sure children with communication difficulties can be involved in designing, reviewing and improving their services? 

Read the good practice guide we produced for Stoke-on-Trent City Council and invite us to help you in your area.

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Working with schools? Our guide School Daze can help you engage positively with schools in England, including:

Selling your services to schools

Demonstrating impact

Sustaining the relationship and collaboration

Is your organisation a member of Children England?

Below are members-only resources, for which you'll need a password. Ask your organisation's main contact for Children England membership or email us.
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Trying to improve the governance of your voluntary or community organisation so that it can meet the needs of the children and families you work with?

Download Governing for children.

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Concerned about good or bad commissioning practices?

We've just launched the Commissioning Activists network, proposed by members at our last Annual Debate, to enable staff in member organisations to share expertise, challenges and examples of the good and bad commissioning practice they see in children's services. It's simple to request to join.